I did want to give you some positive feedback as well on my sessions. I am 95% free of my fear of driving I developed after my accident and can resume my work which requires constant driving. CH

My son is over his performance anxiety and doing great now at sports.

Working with Adele Tartaglia works great for me because she is quite skilled at MBBR Medical hypnotherapy and other methods she utilizes. She is a brilliant, loving, and efficient facilitator and therapist. I enjoy speaking with her because she helps me to get through very difficult topics with ease. Her nonjudgmental approach is effective and brings situations and problems to light in an incredibly speedy amount of time. She is tremendously gifted and experienced. The fact that she does phone sessions and is also helpful in that way is very wonderful for my busy lifestyle. However, she is willing to take time in her office, at your home, or wherever you need. I feel blessed to know her and admire her attention to details other therapists might very well have overlooked.   SD

Thank so much for your considerable assistance in removing my startle response in the car after I got the call about my son’s suicide while driving. Since your communication with my son on the other side, I have come to terms with his decision and am at peace as he is.  

Adele I am no longer intimidated by the people at work since we handled my issues with my mother’s abuse of me. JR

Adele, I did have a dream of my ex last night, but it did not bother me. I happened to think this morning to recall what I dreamed about and remembered and realized how it didn’t affect me like it used to. I would love to get my son in to see you as soon as we get back. Thank you for everything.

While you’re trying to figure out how to tell Adele what’s going on with you and your wife, she states the issue exactly right on and makes it clear to both of you. Over and over she is able to tell you why you are both reacting like you do. All you can say is yes that’s just what it’s like. Working with her is like working with someone who can see into you and your life and then she tells you how to solve the situation whatever it is because she truly understands both sides.

Adele is wonderful at helping people get through the crises in their lives. She has a very unique approach. Instead of suggesting continuous and long drawn out talk therapy, she gets right to the problem in a few sessions then helps you quickly overcome what you’re stuck in. It really works when you understand that you don’t need to suffer anymore. You have a choice and Adele helps you understand that and get there. TP

Life is beautiful despite the heartaches and pain. Love makes it all worth-while. Hugs to my favorite therapist. Thanks for all your help and grief counseling. Ed gave me good advice to contact you.

Hi Adele, WHAT A WONDERFUL time spent with you.  I’m so caught up with what you said about just ‘deleting’ the junk.  It sounds so simple in comparison to all the ‘hard work’ processing emotions & feelings, that I’ve been doing most of my life.  Thank you so much for your kind consideration.

Thank you so much for all the work we did. It really, really made a difference in my life. I really feel like a different person 100%.  I can’t even tell you how different I feel and that’s because of you. You had the patience to do it with me and the talent and skills and the love to give me. I feel great.  Since you worked with me my business has quadrupled without much effort and I’ve learned tools to save my marriage. Thank you. 

This is a note of thanks for your careful and kind listening during the initial intake, the depth of your expertise and your gentle and effective sessions with my son. I noticed the morning after his first session, he seemed unusually, composed, calm and articulate. He is very comfortable with you and looks forward to speaking to you to help him  overcome his fears. Your method seems to be easy, gentle, and most importantly – effective. Thanks again.

Thank you so much for your help! My husband did very well yesterday flying to our vacation. No fear at all.

Hugs and kisses to you Adele. Many thanks for all your help, kindness, and good advice in my time of deep grief after the loss of my wife. J C

You saved my life in court by removing my self installed pedophile program and helping me create the police realized I was never a pedophile but a harmless homosexual.

Adele helped my mother transition after her death.  Adele is so special in so many ways, helping my mother transition was an unexpected blessing for me and the family as we came to a healing and a release. 

I am a nonsmoker thanks to you and your hypnotherapy and I have come to understand my mother and relate better to her without resentment.

I hesitated to come to you about my lifelong cheating but you were so understanding and non-judgmental. you helped me understand because it was a cultural program I had modeled for me I could still love my wife. You deleted the cheating habit and reprogrammed me with a healthy attitude that changed the way I thought about it. Never had a problem with it again. Thank you thank you.

Top of the morning to you Adele 🙂

Thank you!!!  I feel excellent!  I went to bed early last night and

slept wonderfully thinking of my new positive money beliefs. Love & hugs

Thank you and I want you to know that what you have helped me with so far has helped more than you know. Warm regards.

Adele is a wonderful person and provides a safe/blissful environment. The information she shares is outstanding and abundant.

Hello Adele, It was a great pleasure to talk with you.  Thank you for the gift that you are and for sharing. I love your book. I have referred a Theosophist friend of mine to you. He is also dealing with a spout of cancer.  Be well, and thank you.

My marriage has been saved due to my shift in attitude and perspective thanks to you.
Top of the morning to you Adele. Thank you!!!  I feel excellent!  I went to bed early last night and slept wonderfully. Love & hugs.

Thank you for ending my insomnia I suffered with for years. My mind no longer reruns the sexual abuse I suffered when I was a young girl. Now I feel safe falling to sleep and I have stopped being hypervigilant.

I have a new man in my life and we have moved to California for his job. For the first time in my life, I did not sabotage a relationship. Instead of fearing letting someone get close to me, I feel confident this one will work out. Thank you thank you Adele.

Adele I feel as if I have dropped years off my life I feel so free to move about and do whatever I want to. You are amazing.

I had PTSD from several car accidents. In one therapy session Adele removed my fear that was preventing me from driving.

I kept loosing jobs and once you removed my association with my father and other authority figures the pattern ended for me.

I went to a number of doctors for GAD and was unable to get control of it. Adele removed four underlying causes and it stopped as if by magic.

After our session yesterday I went to the doctor this morning and he could find no tumor to operate on and I am cancer free. I am sending my husband to you.

I have so much extra energy I don’t know what to do with it and for the first time in my life I have been able to maintain a good relationship with a loving man.

Adele is the best at Past Life Regression. Because she is an expert you know you can go anywhere and see any life and any event and be entirely safe. She knows so many ways to keep you stable while reviewing your past lives. You get your insights as to how this event from the past is showing up in today’s life. Then she uses her MBBR and deletes the negative energy from that life’s trauma and installs new programs which end the pattern in your current life.

When the student is ready the teacher will be there…. be open to learn with Adele. During her Phoenix Reincarnation Meet Up her immediate deletion of a horrible past life that was showing up as crippling illness this life did the trick. 

It was great hearing your loving and joyful voice again. Thank for being there. Since talking to you, I feel much better…thank you.  Looking forward to speaking to you on Saturday. Love 
My son was diagnosed with anxiety. After the first session he thanked me for connecting him with you, said that you are nice. He often has scary dreams about bad guys and him getting hurt, but that didn’t seem to be the case this time. After he got up, he seemed unusually mature, composed, calm and articulate. He said a beautiful gratitude prayer over breakfast. Thank you for your work.

I am no longer angry with my father and I had that talk with him and stood my ground like an adult.  I explained my boundaries and he was so touched and apologetic. He is no longer criticizing me and angry with me.

Dear Adele, Thanks for your support, he was happy while we were on vacation,  hopefully things will get better for him. We are going to make those changes around here. He has become productive again for the first time in many years.

I have to tell you that since the session with you, I have had several occasions where I got anxious about the IBS and I immediately went to “the valley” that was part of my session. Each time… I got rid of more bad energy and …was removing it from memory… I had a successful trip without an occurrence for the first time.  

Just a little note to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful experience at your center last evening.  You’ve created such a wonderful place. I would love to work with you, if you’re accepting clients. I am in the midst of changing my life. Thank you so much, and bless you for all you do!

I did not let my mother mistreat me or say nasty things to me. I was respectful but walked away and made sure she didn’t have time alone with me.

I’ve been doing good and feeling lighter. And even thinking about what I want in a relationship for the first time in years.

Just a heads up- I’ve observed my son being in control and doing very well.

I’m feeling great and the communication process with my husband has not triggered any butterflies in my stomach…its all good.

Even when I think about my career choice and I try to think about my abilities, there is NO way my brain will let me go there…into doubt. Feeling great. Thank you so much

My son is doing very well! His fears are gone. I believe your session worked beautifully!  There are two other things he would like less of. Saturday night at the regular time would be good.  Thanks! M

My classes will be ending soon, and that should open up some time for me to finish the therapy.  What we’ve done so far has helped quite a bit, and everyone has noticed the improvements. By the end of the month I can get a session in, I also look forward to finishing up the rescript and deletions, The one’s we’ve done have been very helpful.

Hi Adele, thanks so much. Your energy and your office are so safe and peaceful; I am ever so grateful.  My dear friend you are a blessing, thank you.

It seems to have worked! I’ll report back more as he tells me. Thanks for your good thoughts and kind words.

My girlfriends from childhood could not believe I was the same person. I feel confident, good about myself and was making appropriate choices about taking care of myself. Everyone is happy for me. Thank you so much.
Thanks for asking about me.  I was reflecting on the work you are doing and believe it has helped me crack some things open and  see a little down the road to what needs to be done. I believe the best thing is for you to help me learn how to do this work on myself – then I can be self- propelled. Not sure how to do that – but knowing your abilities – you probably do.

I have some good news and perhaps we could talk about some other areas of focus to rescript as you call it. Seems one layer of the onion has peeled, but I would like to examine the stuff that’s rattling around in the subconscious just beneath my consciousness. I think going forward with what you already have is on the right track.  I am sure what you have now is the strongest instigators. Thanks for helping me out. I know I am moving away from the old and flowing into the new.

Once again, thanks for all your help and grief counseling these last five months. You are my angel of mercy!

I thought of you today and just wanted to say hello and Thank You.  Time with you was well spent.  Life is beautiful!  It’s been quite the journey and I’m sure it will continue as such but I welcome every bit of it.  Self Help Guru


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I am grateful to all my clients who are gracious enough to express their appreciation for the work we have done together.

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Remember you are creating it all and you can do better when your beliefs are better.

Thank you and continue to create only good things for yourself and the planet,  Adele Ann








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