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Thanksgiving in this Season of Gratitude

Adele Tartaglia

I’m grateful in behalf of all those who have made it through the personal and worldwide hardships of this challenging year.

I’m thankful for the friends and family who reach out to us and willingly pray for us and call on us to pray for them as we hold a courageous vision for them of miraculous healing and restoration knowing all things are possible with God.

I’m grateful that the Creator of All That Is who made us in His Image, loves us enough to continue to offer us His Divine Guidance in the midst of mankind’s continued misuse of His Gift of free will.

I’m grateful the mainstream is open and receptive to the messages of listening with compassionate ears, seeing through the gentle eyes of kindness and understanding, and expressing love from the heart of the soul.

I’m immensely thankful that the traces of being real are beginning to creep into the media that forms mass consciousness.

May we be grateful in advance that the faith of all of mankind in divine right outcomes is diminishing the use of overwhelming fear as its operating mode.

May we be thankful every time exclusivity, judgment, and hatred are lessened as we remember that as humans, we all have the same needs and want the same things but have been programmed to get them through different means.

May we cancel every thought of separation and replace it with unity consciousness which precludes any thought of killing each other as a means to an end.

May we continue to envision a united effort by humanity to establish universal safety, global food and resources, human decency as a prerogative, inherent equality, loving kindness toward all creation, and the advancement of cherishing the children of the world being recognized as a sacred trust.

May we thank God in advance that faith’s belief in unseen outcomes is inspiring religious and political leaders globally to be receptive to alternative solutions, and motivating them to initiate peaceful reconciliation in every instance it is needed. When we tip the scale in favor of the sanctity of life, critical mass will do the rest.

In the name and through the power may we continue to prayerfully visualize divine illumination for all who do not see peace as the only viable option.

With you in the consciousness of loving peace, Adele Ann


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